My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday!

Scott and the kids had some wonderful presents for me in the morning and (my favorite gifts of all!) homemade cards! Mom and Dad surprised me with a cross-body type of purse–perfect for the activity of the day: going to the zoo with Dylan.IMG_1084

Mothers-of-multiples let me say this: it is SO MUCH EASIER taking one child to the zoo than two or more! Dylan didn’t even have a stroller as we walked around with me li


fting him up every so often to get a better view of an animal. We had lunch in the zoo restaurant and then meandered back to the car. I remember with the other kids having two double strollers and lifting children in and out of the stroller to see an animal. It was a lot of work!

Dylan’s constant question about an animal was, “Is it real or pretend?” He also wanted to know how the animal got into the cage.

Later in the evening we went out to dinner where Scott snapped a couple of photos. (I’m trying to get into photos a little more–I’m usually taking the pictures and find that I’m not in very many.)

These are my favorites photos because they absolutely capture a moment in time: a woman just past her mid forties with a crazy family situation that she wouldn’t change for the world.

Do you have any special birthday memories?



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