About Us!

I’m Michelle and my husband is Scott. Together we are the parents of this crazy crew of two sets of twins and a singleton. Believe me, twins were never in our plan. . .you know that plan you make in your head about how everything is going to go.

After finding out that we had a “one in a million” chance of conceiving on our own, we decided to try invitro fertilization. We were lucky because after our first round Maddie and Marc were the outcome. We were so excited. . .and overwhelmed but we felt our family was complete. On their first birthday, I realized that I was pregnant again. And we were happy that our family of four would be a family of five. Then we found out that we were having twins. . .again! This time it was identical boys, Luke and Will.

Fast forward four years later when I was considered “advanced maternal age” we had our last surprise: a singleton, Dylan.

So what is it like? The house is always loud. The laundry never seems to be done. And someone is always hungry. But we wouldn’t trade this chaos and adventure for anything.

Join me as I consider different aspects of parenting multiples. . .who are now teenagers. . .and or